Ramps1.4 Gen_L V2.0 3D Printer Mainboard Compatible Marlin Ramps for 3D Printer

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Pay attention
鉁Make sure the positive and negative poles are connected properly before applying power
鉁疨lease don’t plug and unplug the motor and driver when it is powered on, it will easily cause the driver to burn out; also don’t adjust the current while the motor is running.The correct method is to disconnect the power supply, unplug the motor, and then power on again, adjust the potentiometer, and measure the voltage on the potentiometer until the measured voltage is the same as expected.Do not insert the anti-driver, otherwise the driver will be burned out, or even the motherboard will be burned out!
鉁疘t is recommended not to connect the USB cable and 12V power at the same time during the firmware burning process.After burning through the USB cable, connect the 12V.
Package included
1 x Motherboard

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