42*42*23mm Titan Stepper Motor with Cable Support Direct Drive Extruder & Mounting Bracket for 3D Printer

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Type DuPont / Type XH-2.54 /

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Size:42 * 42 * 23mm
Phase number:2 phase
Rated voltage:DC 4.1V
Rated current:DC 1.0A / phase
Phase resistance:4.1X (卤10%) 惟 / phase
Phase inductance (1KHz):4.1x (1卤20%) mH / phase
Holding torque:鈮30m N.cm
Positioning torque:20mN.m REF.
Steering (shaft extension):A-AB-B-clockwise
Maximum no-load starting frequency:鈮1400PPS
Maximum no-load operating frequency:鈮2500PPS
Insulation resistance:鈮00 M惟 (DC 500V)
Insulation class:B
Electrical strength DC600V/1mA/1S
Quality:132 g REF.
Moment of inertia:30.8 g.cm
Package Included
17HS4023 Motor*1
Motor Cable*1 (Dupont or XH-2.54)

Weight 0.132 kg


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