BIGTREETECH 1/5/10M GT2 Synchronous Belt Width 6MM Rubber Open Timing Belt for DIY Kossel Reprap 3D Printer Parts

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Type:Synchronous Belt
1.Accurate roundness tooth shape, ensuring accurate positioning and quiet and efficient transmission
2.Anti-wear nylon tooth surface for better protection of the tooth joint and extended service life
3.Proportion fiber rope ensures high strength, excellent flexibility and high tensile resistance
4.Neoprene effectively protects it from dirt, grease and moisture
5.High-strength structural design, anti-extension, anti-jumping, make the transmission more stable
6.Wear resistant
7.The tooth surface of the belt is made up of specially treated tooth cloth
1.Pay attention to the clean surface of the product, the belt is not twisted and deformed, and the teeth are full
2The timing belt must be strictly prohibited from scratching to avoid early damage of the belt
4.The timing belt should avoid contact with chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid)
5.Keep the synchronous belt away from oil and water contact for a long time
6.When replacing the timing belt, the tension of the belt must be minimized before it can be taken out.It is strictly forbidden to use the non-professional tools to squat down under the tension.
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1 x Timing Belt

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