Ideaformer 1.75mm 1KG/Roll PLA Filament High Toughness for 3D Printer

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Color. Black / Color. Glacier White / Color. Interstellar Grey / Color. yellow / Color. Green / Color. Horizon Blue / Color. Red / Color. Purple 2 / Color. Luminous Blue / Color. Luminous Yellow / Color. Blue /

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Diameter of consumables:1.75mm
Tolerance:+/- 0.02mm
Printing temperature:190-210掳C
Hot bed temperature:60-80掳C
Density:1.25卤0.05 g/cm3
Length of consumables:about 343m
Net weight:1kg
Package weight:1.3Kg
Package Included
1 x Filament

Weight 1.35 kg


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