24 PTFE Tube + PFFE Tube Cutter + 4*Pneumatic Connector +2*Yellow Leveling Spring Kit for 1.75mm Filament

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PTFE tube size:length:1M, ID2mm OD4mm
spring size:10*25mm
pneumatic connector type:straight through
Cutter:for cutting non-metallic tubes less than 10mm
PTFE tube:for 1.75mm filament bowden feed 3D printer.
Operating temperature:-60°C ~ +260°C
PTFE tube has excellent chemical stability and can withstand strong acid and alkali.
PTFE tube has a very low coefficient of friction, is an excellent anti-friction, self-lubricating material, but also has aging resistance, non-stickiness, and non-combustibility.
The cutter adopts ABS polymer material as a whole, with high strength and toughness, thermoplastic molding, compact and portable.Surface sanding treatment is better.
The cutter blade adopts quick-release and replaceable design.It can replace the new blade with only one screw to extend the working life of the cutter and cost-effective.
The cutter is equipped with a strong yellow spring, which is easy to press and cut.
Packing Included
3 x PC4-01 pneumatic connector
3 x KJH 04-M6 pneumatic connector
1 x PTFE tube
2 x leveling spring
1x Cutter spare blade
2 x Cable buckle
1 x Screwdriver
*The cutter blade is sharp and should not be touched by hand.
* Due to lighting and different displays, the picture may be slightly different from the actual color.

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