TF to SD Card Reader 8cm Cable Length 8GB for Ender 3/3s 3D Printer Part

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Product material:plastic
Memory capacity:8GB
Adapted machine:Ender3/3S
Extension cord length:48cm
鉁/span> The upgrade is easy, just insert the upgrade module into the aluminum profile on the left, fix the screws, and insert the extension cable into the TF card slot.
鉁Gift multi-function card reader, support hot swap, plug and play, can read and write SD/MS/TF/M2 card
鉁Large-capacity SD card, small, light, thin, with high memory capacity, fast data transfer rate, great mobility flexibility and good security.
鉁Ender3/3S uses a small card TF card, and the card slot is located below the molding table, which is inconvenient to pull out and insert, and mainstream 3D printers mostly use large card SD cards.When you have multiple 3D printers with similar printing sizes, use When the memory card is different, the swap file becomes very troublesome.
Package Includes
TF to SD card reader extension cable (48cm long) *1
Card reader holder*1
8GB SD card*1
Multi-function card reader*1

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