Moonman 80s 80mini Fountain Pen Fine Nib Writing Signing Pen office School Supplies Stationery

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Length 10.5cm Color. Green / Length 10.5cm Color. Blue / Length 10.5cm Color. Black / Length 13.5cm Color. Green / Length 13.5cm Color. Blue / Length 13.5cm Color. Black /

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Package includes
1 x Fountain pen
Material:ABS plastic + copper plated metal
Color:Lake Blue / Black / Indigo
Model:MOONMAN 80s(with a converter) /MOONMAN 80mini
Size:Lengthen:13.5cm (MOONMAN 80s) / 10.5cm (MOONMAN 80mini) (Pen cap could be posted on the barrel, the lenthen is 13.2cm)
-The pen holder, the tip and the middle ring are made of copper-plated metal.The pen body is made of environmentally friendly and odorless plastic material.
-The 80S standard uses a rotary ink absorber.
-Only the ink pouch can be used in the 80mini model.
-Semi bright tip structures.
-Small size and easy to carry.

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