BIGTREETECH Filament Storage Box PLA/ABS/PVA Nylon Dry Box Printing Material Box for 3D Printer

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Package Included
Please choose the version you wanted
A = Ordinary version
B = with Mijia Bluetooth humidity meter board
C = Double consumable board
Suitable for:PLA/PLA+/PTEG/TPU/ABS/PVA/nylon and other consumables with 1.75mm wire diameter
* Dustproof, put moisture.With fully sealed processing, solving the problem of PLA and other consumables directly exposed outside easily cause moisture and so on.It increases the service life of consumables.
* Comes with temperature detection card
* Bottom bearing design brings smooth rotation to the consumables.
* 3 versions for your choice.
1.Ordinary version:with temperature detection, with desiccant; for material tray less than 20*7CM in diameter.
2.Mijia Bluetooth thermometer version:with Mijia Bluetooth thermometer, with humidity detection, with desiccant, with cleaner; for material trays less than 20*7CM in diameter.
3.Double consumables version:with humidity detection, with desiccant, large space, without bearings; can put two rolls of consumables; suitable for trays with outer diameter less than 20CM and inner diameter 4.8-6.8CM.

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