Orbiter Extruder Planetary Wheel Extruder for Ender-3/Emder-5 3D Printer 1.75mm Filament

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Package Included
LDO 36STH17-1004AHG engine 1
Btech 8-12 gears 1.75mm 1
MR148ZZ bearings 3MR95ZZ 1
Thumbscrew 1
M3 * 14 screw 2
M3 * 22 miles 1
M4 * 22 mil 1
Aluminum allgearshaft 1
FEsto pneumatic connection 1
V6 all metal heatbreak 1
PA12 printed parts 1 set
Applicable models
Direct plug-in models:Ender3, Ender3S, Ender3 pro, Ender3 V2, Ender5
Need to change the motor wire terminal model by yourself:CR10, CR10 S4, CR10 S5, VORON and other models, as long as there is a mounting bracket for this extruder, any step value can be changed.
1.In order to prevent the motor from overheating, the drive current of the extruder needs to be adjusted to 0.35A (Method:adjust the voltage to about 0.28-0.3V or adjust the E-axis drive current by firmware)
2.Modify the extruder pulse method
Method 1:Modify the extruder pulse by firmware:define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT
Method 2:Send G code (can be sent by slicing software command):M92 E655M500

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