37/62 Pcs Wood Burning Kit Wood Tool with Adjustable on-off Switch Control Temperature Professional Wood Burning Pen DIY Wooden Kits Carving/Embossing/Soldering

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Package Included
26 x wood burning and soldering tips,
2 x stencils(letters numerals),
1 x Wood burning pen
27 x wood burning and soldering tips,
5 x iron heads,
1 x mini stand,
2 x stencils(letters numerals),
1 x leather carry bag
1 x Wood burning pen
27 x wood burning and soldering tips,
5 x iron heads,
1 x mini stand,
18 x Colorful Pencils
2 x Carbon Papers
7 x stencils(letters numerals basic symbols set),
1 x leather carry bag
Fast Heating:Premium Quality 60W fast heating wood burning kit with 27 different welding tips and accessories that can be easily used for all skill levels, including wood burning beginners, experienced and expert.
Temperature Control:60W 110V Quick Heating Wood Burning Kit with variable adjustable temperature from 200掳C to 450掳C gives you control of the heat for any project.Please do not apply excessive pressure during use.
Comfortable Ergonomic Design:Lightweight, ergonomically designed handle that helps you operate at different angles without fatigue.
Pyrography Kit:Inner-heated ceramic technology makes heat up quickly in 45 seconds of Energy saving and environmental protection.Combine three functions of soldering, wood burning and leather burning.
Material:Plastic Brass Steel
Input Supply:AC110V, 50-60Hz
Operating Temperature:0-40掳C
Temperature Range:200掳C-450掳C(392掳F-842掳F)
How to Use
1.Choose a tip you like and install it to the device;
2.Connect the device to a 110V power outlet;
3.Wait 3-5 minutes for it to heat up;
4.Start drawing on the wood surface with it;
5.A wide variety of patterns can be created with the tips and stencils supplied.
1.PLEASE use a work glove to change tips.
2.PLEASE use it in a well ventilated space.
3.PLEASE keep it away from children.Do NOT allow to be used it as a toy.
4.Use the temperature switch to adjust the temperature, PLEASE pulls out the plug when idle.
5.Under any circumstances, Do NOT test the temperature of the tips with your bare hands.
6.The metal tips will become crisp and easy to break in the high temperature, PLEASE waiting the temperature drop down then insert or remove the tips.

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