16:9 Anti-Light Projector Screen Home theater PVC Material Portable Positive Imaging Impervious to Light Home 50/63/72/84/100/112/120/130 inch

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Size 130 inch / Size 120 inch / Size 112 inch / Size 100 inch / Size 84 inch / Size 72 inch / Size 63 inch / Size 50 inch /

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Package Included
1 x Projector Screen
1 x Install Sticker Set
Screen size:50inch ,63inch ,72inch ,84inch ,100inch ,112inch ,120inch ,130inch
Material:PVC(polyvinyl chloride)
Aspect ratio:16:9
Visual dimension:As picture or form shows
– Folding packaging small size, easy to carry, creases can be ironed flat.
– Optical anti-light screen, positive imaging, impervious to light, brightness enhancement effect is significant.
– Can view 30-40掳(best Angle 0-20掳).
– Soft light, not easy to fatigue, long service life.
– To stick it on a flat surface or to the wall.
– Ideal for watching football match meeting, classroom training, public display, home cinema, party, KTV, playing game, backyard movie etc.

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