Creality 3D Ender-3/3S/3Pro/5 Gray Extruder+PTEF Tube with 4Pcs Spring Upgrade Kit

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Upgraded version of Creality full metal MK-8 extruder feeder drive 1.75mm filament, suitable for Ender 3/3 Pro/3 X, Ender 5/5 Plus/5 Pro, CR-10S, CR-10 Plus,CR 20/20 Pro, CR-X.
The 1*1 meter original Capricorn XS Serious Bowden PTFE tube has the lowest friction on the market.Less friction means stronger reaction force, smaller retraction rate, more accurate printing, less sliding, abrasion and tearing on the extruder, and less clogging when printing thick filaments (such as some wood filler or iron filler).
One pair-Small and large pneumatic couplers secure the PTFE in the extruder and Hotend.
4 bed horizontal springs to ensure the bed level is stable.Note:The spring is about 25 mm long, which is longer than the springs of ender 3 and ender 3 Pro printers.If you really like this product, you
You can use a tool to cut it into short pieces, or adjust the hot water bed higher to accommodate the spring.
Package Included
Original gray extruder 1.75mm*1
Original 1.75mm PTEF tube 1M*1
Large and small pneumatic connectors*1 set
Yellow spring*4PCS

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