5Pcs 3D Printer Part Super Wire Connector for Ceramic Cartridge Heater Heating Tube/thermistor

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Say goodbye to the traditional way of rolling the tape.This product is in use, safe, reliable, convenient and allows you to stay away from electric fire and wiring.The operation is very convenient, on the first peel line length 9-11mm, rod clamps (orange), dial up to 90 degrees.The end of the thread into the hole, back (orange), will connect the wire.The seam method is very simple, the operation is the reverse direction, the terminal can be used repeatedly.
Product Name:Super wire connector
Rated voltage:400 V
Rated impulse voltage:4KV
Product name:2 pole
Universal cable connector
Insulation material:updated nylon (PA66)
Contact material:copper phosphor
Wire cross section:0.08 ~ 4.0mm2 (single hard wire), 0.08 ~ 4.0mm2 (soft wire)
Color:gray + orange
Nominal current:32A
Rated power:7KW
Indicator:28 ~ 12AWG
Strap length:9-10mm
Compatible:e3d v6 hotend heater
Package Included
5 x Super wire connector

Weight 0.038 kg


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