S6 V1.2 Board 32Bit Control Board based on the STM32F446 32bit MCU for 3D Printer

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Only one version, it is black terminal.
The S6 is based on the STM32F446 32bit mcu, like the F6, has six drive sockets and supports the full range of TMC drives.We have fully extended the resources of the MCU so that you can maximize its power.We considered the possible use scenarios of 3D printers and designed a series of
extended applications, such as anti-reverse circuit, 12V power supply, thermocouple support, 24V sensor support and so on.
Wiki for you to know more details for the S6 board.
Compact size:117mm x 87mm.孲ame as F6
Based on STM32F446 180Mhz.宎ll IOs can withstand 5V voltage
6 TMC stepper drivers support, no need wire Uart/SPI
Improved TMC jumper settings .宻impler and easier to understand
Main power reverse protection circuit.宻afer
28V input max.2V@5A.V@2ADC-DC circuit.a href=’mailto:3.3V@0.6A’>3.3V@0.6A LDO
Two car fuses for hot bed input and main power input
Limit switch socket 24V/5V/3.3V optional, ready for more other equipment, such as -inductive sensor, BL-Touch
XH connector and MX connector are optional
10x PWM capable power mosfet outputs (1 for HotBed, 3 for Heat-End, 3 for fans, 3 for RGB LED strip)
3pin temperature header, you can use thermistor or thermocouple (requires AD597 module)
3 ways PWM fans . ways RGB led .2V & 24V optional
Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector
RepRapDiscount SmartController compatible pin header on board
10P FPC for Serial Touch display
2X4 PinHeader Out for SD Card moudle
EXP1 & EXP2 have more multiplexing functions, such as USART, I2C, CAN
SD card & USB upload support
Download firmware
S6 v1.2
You can download the firmware from https://github.com/FYSETC/Marlin-2.0.x-FYSETC/tree/S6/MASTER, and if you want to know what we have changed , we recommend to use git to get the code .
Upload the firmware(DFU)
The other way to upload the firmware is using DFU.
1.Download stm32cubeprogrammer
You can download it from ST website.
Open the STM32CubeProgrammer software.
Package Included
1 x board

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