300mm/350mm OD 8mm Stainless Steel Cylinder Linear Rail Linear Shaft Optical Axis for 3D Printer

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Type 2 / Type 1 /

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Type 1:300mm
Type 2:350mm
Main purpose
Linear axis in the automatic rotation device has widely used, such as industrial robots, automatic recording instruments, computers, precision printers, special gas tank, automatic wood machines and other industrial machines.And because of its hardness, can extend the life of an ordinary instrument.
Material:bearing steel, GCr15
Hardness:About HRC62°
Surface roughness:Below 1.5μM (Rmax)
Surface hard-thickness:0.8μ~3mm
Outer diameter:8mm
Straightness:Below 5μM/100mm
Hard chrome thickness:3.0μM(Rmax)
Package Included
1 x Linear Optical Axis

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