104 Keys Milk Pudding Keycap Set OEM Profile PBT Tow Color Molding Translucent Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard

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This pudding keycap set is standard layout, its bottom row is not fully compatible for Corsair or Razer.Please kindly read the details before your ordering.
2.Color:Milky White + Black
4.Caps Amount:104 Keys
5.Profile:OEM Profile
1.Tow Color Molding milk two-layer design, top is black and bottom is mikly white, and supports light shining through.
Caps color depends on your keyboard’s backlit, funny and stylish.
2.PBT texture, a little grainy feeling, not easy to shine as ABS material.
3.Compatible with FILCO 104key, iKBC F104, G104, C104 series, Varmilo, Ducky, Rapoo V500 / L / RGB, Cherry MX6.0 MX8.0, KEYCOOL, GANSS, NOPPOO, RK etc.
4.Note:Keycaps only, keyboard is NOT included.
Package Included
1 * 104 Keys Milk Pudding Keycap Set

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