24 Colors 10m/5m High Temperature 3D Pen PLA 1.75mm Filament

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Please choose the type you want:inch5inch is 5meters; inch10inch is 10meters.
PLA, high temperature consumables, biodegradable materials, good fluidity, no peculiar smell after printing, high gloss of printing products is not easy to crack, suitable for more printers, 3D printing pens, low impact resistance, low strength.
High precision, strict and stable control of line diameter tolerance within ±0.02mm, high precision 3D consumables can be used more smoothly, conducive to printing
High quality, new material production, stable melting point, more smooth printing.
High gloss, print out the product color achromatic, bright and shiny color, good visual effect.
Environmental protection, the use of environmental degradable materials, not doped with recycled materials waste, non-toxic no odor, use more assured.
– Color:24 colors
– Length:5m/coil, 10m/coil
– Specification:1.75mm, tolerance ±0.02mm
– Print temperature:PLA/190-200°C
Packing Included
1 Set 3D Pen Filament(24 colors)(send randomly)

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