[Expresscard Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External independent Video Card Dock

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If you install the driver after connecting your graphics card, if there is a code 43 problem, please reinstall the driver according to the following method.
Aim:To fix the longrunning (2yrs+) issue of Windows 10/8/7 Device Manager showing an inoperable error code 43 against a Nvidia GTX10xx or RTX20xx eGPU running on a mPCIe, EC, M.2, LUA interface; or on a desktop PCIe slot GPU.Here a lengthy fix utilizing an older 368.81 driver + mods is distilled into a one-click script to instantly get your eGPU up and running.The latest Nvidia driver can be used without any introduced performance or functionality penalty.
Usage instructions
V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock Expresscard Version
EXP GDC has ushered in a new generation V8.0, please check for other slot and click the link as below
[NGFF Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock
[Mini PCI-E Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock
[MAC Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock
EXP GDC is a NOTEBOOK external graphics adapter equipment, including power and other necessary accessories.Graphics card to buy.
(screen:use its notebook display need laptop comes with Intel (R) HD graphics and connected above GTS450 as NVIDIA graphics.
Otherwise you need external monitor.
Before using, please download and read the operating guide
EXPRESSCARD interface in the left and right sides of the notebook, the width is 3.4CM or 5.4CM.The height is 5MM, the depth is about 7CM, the attention is screened.
This link is for expresscard version
If you need mini PCI-E version , please check:http://tinyurl.com/p6ady2x
If you need NGFF version, please click:http://tinyurl.com/o9nqoey
If you need MAC version, please click:http://tinyurl.com/pz3txzs
Notice:This version is a Expresscard34 version, it suits for both 34 and 54 slot.
The power supply is not included in the set.
1,Dual TD compatible switch (hardware conflict resolution)
2,Multistage anti interference circuit
3,Data line reinforcement
4,Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start)
5,High quality imported electronic components
6,Support metal cabinet (optional)
7,Double copper technology to enhance system power supply
8,Isolation protection circuit
9,LED status indicator
10,USB interface extension
11,Lateral 6PIN power supply interface
Reference resources
The main parameters
Support for PCI-E X16, the actual X1 mode (according to different notebook configuration can be upgraded to X2 mode)
The basic parameters
Products:notebook PCI-E expansion device
Product positioning:notebook performance upgrade.
Operating system:Windows XP/7/8/8.1, Linux etc.
(Remind:Win XP, Win8/8.1 is only compatible with the laptop with external screen)
Extended support
PCI-E X16:DMI GT/s (X1) 5
Power support
8P interface:220W max.
DC interface:150W max.
Note:the power limit without ATX cable.
Package included
1x EXP GDCV8.0 adapter
1x Expresscard data lines
1x ATX PSU power cable
Note:our product doesn’t be included with the desktop power supplier, you need to buy it by yourself depend on the actual needs.
Support List
(The following model is our customer feedback to us that they use and without problem)
Lenovo W530T520W520X220X220TZ570T420Y460Y560PT410E420X201X201sEdge 14T410sT400T510X201TX200W500T61pX61TT61T60T520T420Sy470T420IY480G480k580sE520Y580G500E46AY530G510Y400G500V460Y560Py480ny480E420K29B470Z470L421SL410KE420SG470G450z465Y500V370G430Z370Y485Y410Pv1000s410py471as230uV570e420sZ500V470Y40 70G710AT-ISEy430pS400SR1000B5400405S A8Y50Z501Z480Z580U310K46Az380
Dell E6520Vostro 3450XPS15.L502Studio 1557E6220M4500E6420E4300Studio 1557XPS 1645E4310M4600Insp.1545XPS 1340E4300XPS 1640E6500Insp 1420XPS 1340Vostro 15001440Vostro v130XPS M1530D830M1330Studio 1555Insp 1520Vostro 1310E15051545E6520E6520E6220E5410E4310E641014RM12104600MD630E64206320N4120N50103421N3010772014R4728152014rd658N411014RD658inspiron15-3521e632074205537xps164515r7520767015R 45265547773014R 5420M6600752055374050vostro3300n3420L702X3542155815 75484z-5423E6230
SonIy Z21VPC-Z11VPC-Z13VPC-Z12VGN-FW45Z46GDVGN-NS110eEA27ECVPCCA36ECEA47ECCB36ECNw35eEA200CS138Vgn-nw71fbSVT11138CCSvpcs128ecFW17Z45vpcea25fgvpcea18ecVPCEB26FXVPCZ138GGsve14a28ccsPcg-71212tSVE 141
HP 4530s2560P8460P4330s2540P8440PDV4-20002530P2740P6930P6930P2730PHDX9000Pavilion DV4DV9690enCQ60DV71267CLHDX16HDX18TTX22510PDV7-3020EDDV2000dv2416US6910PNC640021334530sHp8440p14 beatsG42DV51220TXN51108570PCQ35-219TXDV2804TXCQ45CQ40CQ42 285TX8560P2730p4321sDV7HP44318470P2570Penvy17 j120usHP6450BHP8470Pcq15-102tx2570P8460P
Fujitsu AH531T731S6420T901T5010U9200AH56/Gnh532
Acier 5755G3820TG5920GEX5620Z5742G6930952556201810TZ5720G1410Ferrarl One4752G4750GE1-471G5750G5951GE1-571GV3-571GV5-472G4315V5-471Gv3772g4738GAcier4745gE5-511G5552g
MSI CX623CR720A6200-021USCR630M610GX640GE60
Toshlba R840A665L305-S5921L300A505-6965L300L305-S5921M332M780L700L650-02BL800
Clevo M860TUM570RU
Sager NP2096NP8662NP5793
NEC Versa E6500
Asus F8SAX42JRX59SL1015PEMM60JY581CX81x55vX450VBX450JSx450cN61JVx402caU24Er400P53SJn75sln75sN61JQN56n55sfn53k56ck55vdK53SVK52DRk45vsK43SMa55vdK42JBK40IPK40INg73swF83seA73SA55VMA53a450jA43XA43sa42jk55vmk43SDG74SXN43sln55slk55vmA45K56CBK43DK42kvX55XI237VD-SLX550VCN81VGX751LA53SA53SMa450jf
LG P300
Samisung R780NP300E4ANP270E5J-K01CNr428rv420
HASEE A460-I7K590CA560PK580PA430K470p460PA550k602cK590SK500DE400K500C-i7 D1k660EA460p-i7K480N
Tsinghua University u49fK41HA14RM0C
BIue sky p170em
Haier 7g-2X5P
Gigabyte p15f V2
Fangzhengyihe a600
Customer questions
Question1:My laptop is xxx-xxx, will my laptop compatible with the EXP GDC
As long as your laptop has a mini pci e slot, theory,it could be used.
Already known computer that don’t compatible with it is as below
Lenovo E530,L430,E43,U410, E49, K49
HP 5310M HP H533OM 6910
China ui45 EVI4
Haier T68
Acier 4739z
Question 2:What graphic cards should I choose
Answer:The list of recommended graphics card
Question 3:What power supply should I use
Answer:We only offer ATX cable with the package to power the EXP GDC.Please choose external power for your graphics card.
6P power output
The maximum provides the interface output 6PIN+8PIN, maximum support 12A, maximum support 18A output with the motherboard and the.If more than 220W using power card please with ATX cable, ATX power supply used for the graphics.
8P power supply interface
The main board and the equipment of the power supply interface, support soft switch function (notebook starting power starting, notebook shut down power off).The power of this interface, you can use 1 special DELL 220W, 2, can be matched with ATX cable using the ATX power to support external graphics power, soft switching function.
DC power supply interface
Support DC 12 volt power supply input interface type outer diameter 5.5MM, inner diameter 2.1MM, maximum power 150W, support the soft switch function.
Question 4:Could it work with its own monitor
Answer:If you use the AMD series card,it must to connect with the external monitor to use.
If you use N series card which over GTS450, and your laptop own Intel Core graphics ,and use the EGPU software to set,then it can use the laptop internal monitor,otherwise,it need to connect with the external monitor.

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