STM32 57 Closed Loop Stepper Motor Set MKS SERVO57A Servo Motor with Adapter Plate + OLED12864 Display for 3D Printer

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Note:Please choose whether to include the screen.
The closed-loop motor uses phase feedback and/or speed feedback to determine the phase transition that is appropriate for the rotor position.When the closed-loop motor loses motion, it will feedback to the control module to quickly adjust the corresponding phase and speed of the motor for rapid compensation, thus preventing the motor from losing.And the use of 57 motors, compared to 42 motors, the torque is larger, suitable for mass production of large machines and high precision 3D printer.
1.High-speed printing runs smoothly and the running noise is small.
2.Up to 256 subdivisions can be supported.
3.Simple installation, 57 closed-loop motors are equipped with an adapter plate, as long as the signal of the socket matches, and the motor sample is plug and play.
4.Less heat, large output torque (relative to 42 motors), suitable for large machines.
5.It can be connected to the PC via USB, use the serial port assistant to configure various parameters, and feedback and monitoring of real-time data.6.The 0.96-inch OLED display can be used to adjust related parameters, and the operation is simpler and more convenient.
Input voltage:12V-24V
Output:soil 3A
Current closed loop feedback frequency:6kHz
Accuracy:above 0.1125 degrees
Microsteps:16, 32, 64, 128, 256 (default is 16)
Package Included
1 x 57 motor with board
1 x Data line
1 x Motor line
1 x Motor Module
1 x Display(optional)

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