11L Smart Trash Can Motion Sensor Auto Sealing LED induction Cover Trash Ashcan Waste Bins

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Color Black / Color Grey / Color White /

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This product does not contain battery.Two AA batteries need to be purchased by yourself.They can be bought at the local hardware store.
Package included
1 X Waste Bin
Color:Black, White, Gray
Size:315mm * 155mm * 275mm
1.Infrared sensing mode, Smart touch mode, Infrared touch sensing dual mode, Long battery life, Normally open manual mode, 11L capacity barrel, Touch button design, Low-cost standby design.
2.Multiple programming changes to optimize the IC chip Inductive intelligence and quickness, bringing you a more practical product experience and life experience.
3.Infrared vibration omnidirectional induction.Silent cover closed program.
4.Stereo dual mode induction, rapid opening, silent opening, low power consumption and environmental protection.

Weight 1 kg


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