Creality 3D LD-001 Desktop LCD Light-curing 3D Printer

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The Resin Liquid is not included in the package, thank you for your understanding.
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LD-001 Operation video
How does LD-001 complete the leveling with the help of mobile phone lighting
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LD-001 Touch screen boot white screen solution
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1.With 120x70x120mm molding size, meets your daily demands
2.3.5-inch full color touch screen system, support real-time preview, more intuitive to find the file you need
3.Off-line printing, support WIFI connect, mobilecontrol, easier to print
4.Fast slicing, slicespeeds up to 5 times faster than other solution, a 20m STL fileslice takes 21 minutes, while 3D Creator-Slicer only takes 3 minutes
5.Innovative feed trough, more convenient refueling, more cost-savings
6.Automatic leveling system, farewell to leveling troubles
7.Rapidscreen change, easy to change 2K LCD screen
8.Ultra-high precision, one-time molding of complex models, printing accuracy error up to 20-50 microns
9.Light-curing 3D printer for various industries:Jewelry/Architecture/Dental model/Game model etc.
Reference File
1.LD-001 Description
2.Instruction (Installing / Software and USB Driver / Trouble Shootings / Modle)
Package Included
1x Creality 3D® LD-001 3D Printer Kit

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