Clone Prusa Mini 3D Printer 2.8inch Color Screen DIY Complete Kit 180*180*180mm Print Size MW Power Supply

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Note:this is 2.8inch screen version.The other part is the same of 3.2inch version.
This product does not include prints.If you need to print or buy it yourself, print the file link:
1.Prusa mini STL file update 2020.7.7These print files are suitable for FYSETC prusa mini 3D printer.The two parts are different official versions, MINI-extruder-rear and MINI-z-bottom.The other parts are the same as the official Prusa MINI.You can also download the STL file through the following link:
2.Prusa mini assembly tutorial update 2020.7.7The tutorial is very detailed.We also provide a video assembly tutorial.It is more convenient to use the two tutorials together.宒ivided into 5 steps
Video tutorial
3.Provide 3.2-inch display 2020.7.7You can also download the STL file through the following link:
More tutorial can be refered.
Package Included
1 x Clone Prusa Mini 3D Printer Kit

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