MKS Mini 12864LCD Controller Stand inserted SD Card for 3D Printer Marlin

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Note:This controller can not be used on MKS BASE, MKS SMINI and MKS BASE2 boards for the time being.
This product SD card position is different, please note the distinction!
1.Designed for small printers, to solve the ordinary size of 12864 is not enough to install!
2.More user-friendly design! After put slice file in SD card, select the corresponding file on the LCD will be able to print.
3.Product comes with encoder, you can adjust the parameters, and files selection to print!
4.2560 Series motherboards are plug-and-play, but need to modify the firmware to support.(See below for firmware modifications)
5.Product comes with buzzer, operating tips
MKS MINI LCD12864 firmware modification method:Click to open
Package includes:(Package does not includes the SD card)
1 x MKS Mini 12864LCD Controller

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