BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 + SPI TMC2130 4Pcs Stepper Motor Driver Board and Control Board Kit Mainboard Kit for 3D Printer

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Note:the TMC2130 included in this kit is already Welded into SPI mode.
if you need the kit with normal mode TMC2130 V3.0, Please Click here
– 32 Bit LPC1768 Master Chip CPU Control Board
– Support Working Mode:TMC2208 UART & TMC2130 SPIUp to 256 subdivisions
– Support Auto Bed Leveling Sensor:BLTouch
– Microprocessor:ARM cortex-M3 CPU
– Input voltage:DC12V-DC24V 5A-15A
TMC2130 V3.0 SPI Welding Completed
– Configuration:Dir/Step/SPI
– Microsteps:Up to 1/256
– MicroPlyer:1/256
– Logic Voltage VI0:3-5V
– Motor Voltage:5.5-46V
– Motor Phase Current:1.2A RMS, 2.5A Peak
– DIY 2130 V3.0 option is not wired and requires you to solder yourself when using SPI mode,Otherwise ,the stepper motor is ordinary working model
– Welding method:Welding CFG4 to GND, CFG5 to VCC (Please add the TMC2130 wire together,if you need to use SPI model )
BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 GitHub / Manual
More Info about TMC2130 V3.0
Only Marlin firmware can demonstrate the full functionality of SKR V1.3.
Package Included
1x BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 Control Board
4x TMC2130 SPI V3.0
1x Driver Wire Set

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