350x350mm Heated Bed Hotbed insulation Foam for Voron V2.4 thermal insulation

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Note:The surface of the product is not serious wrinkles are not affected by the function ~ please consider clearly before buying.
350*350mm heat insulation cotton *1
Product performance
This product is closed-cell elastic material, which has excellent properties such as soft and flexing resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption and sound absorption.
Application:3D printer hot bed, can achieve the effect of reducing the cold and heat loss.Available 355mm aluminum substrate, PCB hot bed, silicone hot bed bottom
Applicable temperature:Medium temperature in -50 鈩a 150 鈩performance intact
Applicable machines:Voron V2.4
Use method:Clean the bottom of the hot bed before use, tear off the backing and stick it on the bottom of the hot bed

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