PTFE Coated Motor Lead Screw T8 Lead 2/8mm Pitch 2mm POM Nut for Ender-3 Series/CR-10 Series/Sidewinder 3D Printer Part

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The use of POM nut motor screw rotation is smoother, the screw is coated with PTFETeflon, not easy to rust scratch
1.Non-stick:almost *matter* adheres to PTFETeflon film.The film also shows good non-stick performance.(PTFETeflon coating, PTFETeflon coating)
2.Heat resistance:PTFETeflon coating has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance.It can withstand high temperature up to 300鈩in a short period of time, and can generally be used continuously between 240鈩儈260鈩 It has remarkable thermal stability.Can work at freezing temperatures without brittleness and at high temperatures without melting.(PTFETeflon paint, PTFETeflon paint)
3.Sliding performance:PTFETeflon coated film has low coefficient of friction.The coefficient of friction changes with the sliding load, and the * value is between 0.05-0.15.(Metal coating, PTFETeflon non-stick coating)
4.*Humidity:PTFETeflon film surface does not stick to water and oil, and it is not easy to stick to solution during production operation.If there is a small amount of dirt, you only need to wipe it **.Short downtime, save working hours and improve work efficiency.(Non-stick coating, water-based PTFETeflon coating)
5.Abrasion resistance:Excellent abrasion resistance under high load.Under the maximum load, it has the double advantage of abrasion resistance and non-stick.(Fluorine resin PTFE coating, high temperature resistant coating)
6.Corrosion resistance:PTFETeflon is almost impervious to chemical substances and can protect parts from various chemical substances.(PTFETeflon paint, PTFETeflon wear-resistant coating)
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1 x Lead Screw

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