NILLKIN Explosion-proof Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector Arc Edge V + Anti-Blue off Tempered Film for Huawei MatePad Pro Tablet

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Nillkin V + series anti-blue light toughened film
V + anti-blue light tempered film, blue light AB layer effectively prevents blue light, high light transmittance up to 92%, high-definition field of vision, relieves fatigue, so as to effectively care for both eyes; using AGC glass material imported from Japan, 4 hours high temperature tempering, hardness up to 9H, explosion crack, Scratch resistance; Incorporates advanced processing technology, 0.33mm to thin technology, 2.5D edging, and fits with the original machine hole position.
Compatible with HUAWEI MatePad Pro Tablet
Package Included
1 x Tempered Glass Film

Weight 0.289 kg


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