ULT-unite USB3.1 Type-C Extension Cable Male to Female Gen2 Standard 16-Core Data Video High-Speed Transmission

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Cable Length 1M /

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Name:USB3.1 Type-C Extension Cable
Cable Length:22+32AWG OD:4.8MM
Plug:Nickel-plated shell
Inner Mold:transparent PE material
Outer Mold:environmentally friendly PVC material
Application:It is used to extend the USB type-c interface, so that the interface of the device can be plugged and unplugged after transfer, which protects the device interface and avoids direct plugging and plugging to damage the female port of the device.
1.Use standard 16-core wire and USB3.1 type-c full PIN connector to meet the high-speed and stable transmission of data and the positive and negative plug-in use of the device.
2.USB3.1 must pass high current, using two 22AWG core wires as power cords (41/0.12MM tinned copper)
Package Included
1 x USB3.1 Type-C Extension Cable

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