MKS-SBASE V1.3 Mainboard Control Board + RAMPS 1.4 12864 LCD Display Screen for 3D Printer

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MKS-SBASE Mainboard
– MKS-SBASE is the latest motherboard for 3D Printer, designed by Makserbase (MKS).
– It is based on ARM platform and uses 32bit 100M Cortex-MS MCU-LPC1768
1.Using 32bit 100M Cortex-M3 MCU-LPC 1768, and improve its performance highly.
2.Support highly modular open source firmware, easy for secondary development.
3.Support network function, then proceed remote control via IE Explorer.
4.Using DRV8825 stepper driver which supports 32-microstep and with excellent cooling.
5.Currents of the stepper motor can be set directly, which can avoid the damage.
6.Using high-quality FR-4 4 layers PCB and special design for cooling.
7.Using professional power chip, support 12V-24V DC input.
8.Good to work with LCD12864 and MKS TFT touchscreen.
(Can’t work with MKS MINI12864LCD, OLED12864, and LCD2004 display.)
12864 LCD Display
– The intelligent controller includes an SD card reader, rotary encoders, and a 20-character * 4 line LCD display.You can easily connect it to your RAMPS 1.4 board using inchsmart adapterinch included.
– This panel connects your RAMPS 1.4, you do not need your computer, your SD card intelligent controller power supply.
– All further operations, such as calibration, the axis movement can be done only with a rotary encoder intelligent controller.
– 3D design print without a computer just uses the G code design stored on the SD card.
Package Included
1x MKS-SBASE V1.3 mainboard
1x 12864 LCD display screen
1x USB cable
1x FC flat cable
Mainboard hole size:

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