MKS HLKWIFI Module 3D Printer Control Board Remote Control for MKS TFT Touch Screen

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MKS HLKWIFI Module 3D Printer Control Board Remote Control For MKS TFT Touch Screen
MKS-HLKWIFI is created by MakerBase(MKS) based on HLK-RM04 module, which is suitable for open-source 3D printer.Also, MKS-HLKWIFI is used for MKS Base (updated version 1.2), MKS Gen, MKS Mini, MKS SBase, etc, those are developed by MakerBase, as well as MKS TFT touch screen.
1.Based on strong and stable HLK-RM04 module.
2.Using on MKS motherboard directly.
3.Work with MKS TFT28 touch screen and all MKS series modules.
Notice:Due to undercurrent, MKS HLKWIFI can not work with Ramps1.4.
Package includes
1 x 3D Printer Control Board MKS HLKWIFI Module
Please visit here to download firmware:click to open
Appendix 1 Connection
Connect to Aux-1 on MKS BASE, MKS MINI, MKS SBASE, MKS GEN.MKS BASE only supports V1.2 updated version.
Usage on Motherboard
1.Connect WIFI module to AUX-1.
2.Search for WIFI hotspot and connect.
1).Search hotspot HI-LINK-XXXX, and connect.Password:12345678;
2).If you can not find the hotspot , press on button of module for 10 seconds, then restore factory settings.
3).Attention:Under default, the baud rate of HLKWIFI is 115200, which must be as the same as firmware.
3.Configuration on MKS HLKWIFI
1).After enter HI-LINK-XXXX, connect to IP://;
2).Log in:accounts:admin; password:admin.
3).Proceed network configuration and modify the Client you need.
4).Any other help, please refer to HLK-RM04 user manual 1.31.pdf.
4.The use of remote control of the printer Printrun
Note:Enter the IP address of the WIFI at Port
5.Use Repetier-Host remote control printer
Note:Connecting terminal select TCP / IP
6.Use APP control the printer
Appendix 2 Connection
Connect to MKS TFT28 touch screen
mks_config.txt Wifi configuration (MKS TFT28 only supports V1.1 updated version)
1.The Wifi mode selection
Change the value behind the colon of inchcfg_wifi_modeinch into the Wifi network you need (“1 Inch is AP mode, “0 Inch is client mode).
2.The wifi configuration of client mode
A.Wifi name:change the Wifi name behind the colon of inchcfg_wifi_ap_nameinch into your wireless network.
B.Wifi password:change the Wifi password behind the colon of inchcfg_wifi_key_codeinch into your wireless network’s password.
C.Dynamic accessing IP:set the value behind the colon of inchcfg_ip_dhcp_flaginch into you need (“0 Inch indicates static IP, “1 Inch indicates dynamic IP).
D.IP:change the IP behind the colon inchcfg_ip_addressinch into you need.
E.IP mask:change the IP mask behind the colon of inchcfg_ip_maskinch into you need.
F.Gateway IP:change the gateway behind the colon of inchcfg_ip_gateinch into you need.
3.Wifi configuration instruction on AP module
A.Wifi name:change the WIFI name behind “cfg_wifi_ap_name Inch into the hotspot name you need .
B.WIFI password:change the WIFI password behind “cfg_wifi_key_code Inch into password of wifi hotspot, and save it .

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