M3 Modular Screw-on Stud thermistor Hot End Screw Type thermistors for 3D Printer

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M3 Modular Screw-on Stud Thermistor Hot End Screw Type Thermistors For 3D Printer
This item is built-in thermistor 104GT-2, on the reaction rate and temperature measurement accuracy
better than ordinary NTC thermistor.
Material:PTFE and Metal
Size:M3 x 4mm brass screw L:65mm W:6mm T:4mm
Allow 1-3 measurement error.
Accuracy:± 1%
Reaction rate and temperature measurement accuracy are great.Material PTFE is high heat-resistance.
Printer Accessories Installation requires technical, operate under the guidance of technology, in order to maintain normal use.
Package Included
1 x Screw-on M3 Stud Thermistor

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