BIGTREETECH S42B V1.0 Closed Loop Driver Control Board + SKR E3 DIP Board + TFT-35 LCD Screen Kit for 3D Printer

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The closed-loop drive is to feedback the rotation angle of the stepping motor to the control panel, compare the distance that needs to be rotated with the distance of the actual rotation, calculate the error value, and then compensate, so as to prevent the problem of multi-step and lost step.The closed-loop drive can completely overcome the lost step of the open-loop stepping motor, and can also significantly improve the performance of the motor at high speed
More detailed info about S42:click to download
Package included
1 x S42B V1.0 board
1 x 0.96 inches OLED 12864 display
1 x SKR E3 DIP Board
1 x TFT 35 E3 V1.0 LCD Screen
1 x Mainboard Adapter
with cable

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