BIGTREETECH V1.0 Relay Module Automatic Shutdown After Printing Mudule for 3D Printer

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BIGTREETECH Relay V1.0 is the first automatic shutdown module after printing.Its function is to automatically detect whether the 3D printer printing project is completed.When it detects that the printing project is completed, it can automatically cut off the power supply.
BIGTREETECH Relay V1.0 its connection is easy to understand, the logo is clearly visible, and the function is practical.It is the best choice for 3D printer intelligent power-saving solution.
Package Included
1 x Relay V1.0 Module
How to use
1.Connect according to the wiring diagram in 1.2, the live input terminal is connected to the 220V AC live line, and the live line output is connected to the AC live line terminal of the switching power supply; Automatic shutdown module after printing and power cut detection signal line is connected to the extended port of the main board of 3D printer.
2.After the wire is connected correctly, the printer is supplied with power for normal printing.When the printing is completed, Relay V1.0 will automatically disconnect the 220V alternating current provided by the switching power supply to realize the real shutdown.
3.After the shutdown, there are two ways to restart the printer:one is to disconnect the input from the 220V power source for a few seconds and reconnect; The second is to use the button external to the K2 expansion port, press the button to restart the printer.
4.Use this module to connect the reset button to realize the shutdown function.Connect the 3D printer of this module and press the reset button for more than 5S to realize the shutdown function.
1.The entire wiring process must be conducted under the premise of power shutdown;
2.Please look at the logo and wiring diagram of the module when wiring, and make sure that the wiring is completely correct before energizing
3.The bottom of the Relay V1.0 module should be away from other conductors such as water to prevent short circuit and cause unnecessary accidents;
4.Do not touch the wires and Relay V1.0 module by hand after power-on to prevent electric shock
5.When wiring, the sufficiency of the wire contact must be ensured, and the contact failure phenomenon cannot occur;
6.AC input voltage support:125V/AC-250V/AC 50-60Hz;
7.Our company will not be responsible for any unnecessary accidents caused by failure to follow the instructions or drawings.

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