Lindo Zone Computer Fan Dust-proof Net Computer Case Cooler Fine Black PVC Dust Filter Mesh Net Cover for PC Case

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12cm PVC dustproof filter, easy to filter and remove dust.The fine mesh can effectively isolate the intrusion of dust and dirt when the wind flows through, so that the internal space can reach a good and clean state
Thoughtful design with reserved screw holes.Screw holes around the filter net for easy installation on the chassis fan
The precision stamping mold of PVC dust-proof net is finished in one time, beautiful and generous, with heat-resistant and anti-corrosion function, precision honeycomb hole design, all-round protection
Suitable for 12CM computer case fan
Each piece is stamped and formed at one time + frameless heat dissipation hole design
Installed between the fan and the computer case, effectively reduce dust entering the computer case
Brand:Lindo Zone
Model:12cm PVC Dustproof Net
Product size:12*12*0.45cm
Package includes
1 * PVC Dustproof Net

Weight 0.004 kg


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