12/24/36/48 Color Crayon Set Painting Crayons Soft Art Dry Pastel Artist Student Graffiti Painting Drawing Stationery Supplies

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Color. 48 colors / Color. 12 Colors / Color. 24 Colors / Color. 36 Colors /

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Choose the color you like and do your own hair.
A great gift for your and your friend We believe you will love it very much.
Pastel fine and well-proportioned, with high light fastness and sstrong stability.
Color smoothly , convenient to use ,good spread out effect.
Bright color with high coverage, heaviness as oil painting.
Model Number:F2012
Type:Color Chalk
Color:12/24/36/48 Colors
Single Chalk Size:60*8*8mm
Applications:Painting, drawing, writing, dye hair, et.
Please read it before you start
Please use disposable gloves and wear disposable shawl around your neck.
Spray a little water on the hair (not dripping wet) when use the hair chalks.
Apply the hair chalks from root to tip, not back and forth.
After applying, dry the hair with hair dryer.
Model your hair with hair curler and then spray fixture on the hair.
How to Clean
Clean the hair with shampoo and gently rub the hair and rinse it with warm water.Try to wash a few more times if the colors are not washed off completely.
Package includes
1 * Color Chalk Set (12/24/36/48 Colors optional)
Not recommend to use for kids who are under 3 years old.
After dyeing, it may discolor, we suggest wearing dark clothes.
Please wash the color off before going to sleep.
Please wash the color immediately if accidentally get them in the eyes.
Easily apply to the light hair like blond hair but a little difficult for dark hair like brown and black.

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