ATM Password Money Box Mini Safe Code Key Coins Cash Saving Piggy Bank Gift Creative Piggy Toys for Childrens

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2 in 1 function:money saving box and password safe box.A unique bank that will not only help your kids save money.
Automatic Rolling Banknote:Put your paper money into the roll slot, and it will automatically roll the money into the box.There is also a coin slot the top of the box that provided to save all kinds of coins.
Password Safe Box:Make your ‘property’ more insurance, it need to enter 4 number passwords when open the box door, safer and more convenient, no more to take the money out from a small bottom hole.The password is supported to set as you like.There is warning sound when the door is opened for a long time and it will lock automatically when closed.
Environmental Protection Material:Made of durable ABS and electronic components, powered by 3xAAA battery (not included).
Large Capacity:Measured 13x12x19cm / 5.1×4.7×7.5′ inside size, large space not only can save money, but also can save some secret small things or toy.
How to use
Press the unlock button .Enter the four-digit passwords (default 0000), the green lights on, then rotate the knob clockwise to open the door.
If you enter the wrong passwords, the red light will be illuminated.
How to Change Password
Enter the current password (0000 by default) to open the safe door.
Long press the ‘*’ button, the green light and red light flash.
Enter a new 4-digit password within 15 seconds and press ‘ ‘ to confirm and store the new password.Both lights stop flashing.
Note:If the new password is not entered within 15 seconds, the program will stop and the program must be restarted.
Size:13x12x19cm / 5.1×4.7×7.5′
Color:As show
Package included
1 * ATM Password Money Box
This product does not contain battery.Three AA batteries need to be purchased by yourself.They can be bought at the local hardware store.

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