Nema17 Stepper Motor + T8 500mm Screw +8mm Copper Nut 8mm 500mm Lead Screw 17HS4401S Motor Kit for 3D Printer

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-Uniform speed:high inner hole accuracy, stable and accurate speed in the working process without losing step
-Stable structure:the motor rotor surface is coated with imported epoxy resin, the rotor is sealed as a whole, and cured at high temperature.The rotor is not easy to process residues such as iron pin after processing the outer circle.
-Stable speed:the motor has high overall stability, even speed and low noise.
Motor Model:17HS4401S
Cable Length:1M
Lead Screw diameter:8mm
Lead Screw Length:500mm
Screw Spacing:2mm
Package Included
1x Nema17 Stepper Motor
1x Motor Cable
1x T8 500mm Lead Screw
1x 8mm Copper Nut

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