Elice A3/A4 Luminous Drawing Board Night Light Fluorescent Writing Tablet Educational Funny Toys for Childrens Boys Girls Early Education JSK-FA4 JSK-FA3

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This new painting product is also a puzzle drawing board toy.The drawing board is mini, and it is light and soft.It shines on the surface of the board through a beam of light at the tip of the pen, the light penetrates and remains on the surface of the board to form a painted light, and in the darker, the display shows more.
The painted light is radiant and beautiful, and children can use it to paint freely.The drawn pattern will gradually fade in 1 minute, or the new painting can overwrite the pattern that is about to disappear.
Product name:Fluorescent drawing pad
Led source:UV led
Packing:colour box
Package included
1 X Drawing board
1 X LED pen
2 X Moulds

Weight 0.5 kg


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