Geeetech TL-touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor with High Compatibility for 3D Printer

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-This is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers based on open-source.
-Simple, Smart, High-precision, It could work with any kinds of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metals, and so on.
-It can be operated in the following conditions
-One I/O for control (PWM or Software PWM)
-One I/O for Zmin(Z Probe)
-GND and +5V power
-Additional power supply can be needed if your board does not supply enough amperage.
-Electronic devices can be damaged or even destroyed if connected to the wrong side polarity.[wrong terminal connect to 5V(+) and GND(-)]
-Install BLTouch as far as it possible from magnetic, motor, fan etc.
-The action as pulling/pushing hard the push-pin can make the BLTouch damaged and less accurate.
-Fix push-pin with locking paint after reassembling or adjusting core.
-Please do not change the position of the hexagon screw(core).
-Do not separate or deform elastic material attached on the push-pin.
-The action(Pull or push push-pin hard) makes damage and lowers the accuracy of sensor
Package Included
1 X Sensor
1 X 3Pin Straight Pin
1 X 2Pin Straight Pin
2 X Screw & Nut & Washer
2 X Dupont Housing Shell 3Pin
2 X Dupont Housing Shell 2Pin
10X Dupont Terminal
1 X 10K惟 1/8W Resistor for Smoothieboard
Here are more info.for your reference
1.More product info.
2.Common probe adaptation model 3D STL
3.Video info.
4.User maunal

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