3/6 Pcs/pack Shuanglei mb-96 Water Color Painting Brush Pens Soft Nylon Hair Brush for Beginner Painting Drawing Writing Brush Art Supplies Gifts

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Size 3 pointed brush+flat brush / Size 3 pointed brush / Size 3 flat brush /

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-This is a portable compact soft brush painting pen.
-Improved design will store more water in the stem, and you will hold it more comfortable.
-It is a good companion for painting/color drawing/illustration, whether you are beginners, painting enthusiasts or -professional person.
-Children can practice calligraphy with it, or arbitrary drawing.
-Easy to carry out when painting, and adding water.
-Drawing & writing are good ways to purify your heart.
Material:Fiber hairs + Plastic
How to use
Water injection:remove the nib, fill the dropper with enough water.
Moisture adjustment:Initially, squeeze the pen nib before you use, it will effluent and you can wipe with a paper towel, adjust the water contents.
Coloring method:Maintaining adequate moisture and stained directly with paint and began painting.
How to change color:When you need to change color, wipe the nib with a paper towel, you can clear out the color and then stain another.
How to preserve:When not in use, clean up the water, close the lid.
Tips:When tightening the pen, it is in the opposite direction of rotation.
Package includes
3 x 180mm pointed brush pen
or 3 x 180mm flat brush pen
or 3 x 180mm pointed brush pen + 3 x 180mm flat brush pen

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