FLSUN 5PCS 100K 1% NTC Single Ended Glass Sealed thermistor Temperature Sensor for 3D Printer

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Thermistor with heat resistant wiring
100k Ohm NTC 3950
The thermistor leads are insulated with heat-resistant tubing, connections to the cables are heat-shrinked, and the ends of the wires are pre-stripped.Ready to install on your 3D printer or other DIY project with ease
Glass encapsulated for long term stability & reliability
Small Size:φ1.25mm x 2.0mm glass orb
High Resistance Accuracy:1%
Wide Temp.Range:−40°C to 270°C
Length:Approx.1m/ 39.37inch
Package Included
5x NTC 3950 Thermistor Temperature Sensor

Weight 0.043 kg


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