11cm Double Cartridge Erasable Pen School office Writing Eraser Rubber Pen Remove ink in the Paper

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The so-called inchfriction frictioninch is to make the ink handwriting disappear by rubbing, showing the effect of erasing.Explore the technical principles, the mystery is on the magic ink, the micro-encapsulation of the friction ink contains three components:chromogenic material, color developer and color temperature adjuster, at room temperature, coloring materials and color development The agent combines to form a color, but when the temperature is high to a certain extent (above 60 ° C), the color change temperature adjusting agent acts to prevent the combination of the coloring material and the color developing agent, thereby causing the color to disappear, and at room temperature Will not recover, unless the temperature drops to extremely low (below -18 °C), the handwriting will reappear.The permanent rubber that rubs the end of the pen is used to rub the heat with the paper surface.When the temperature is higher than 60 ° C, the ink writing becomes transparent, just like the magic disappears.Once written, the tip of the pen is smooth, the handwriting is clear, and the color is bright.When it is wiped, the written instant is restored to cleanness.It does not produce rubber fines, and it is different from the traditional chemical modification fluid.When the ink is dry, it can be easily erased and erased.The place can also be written many times.The magical function of the magic, practical, environmentally friendly, and interesting, this is the pen-sports movement that has recently fascinated students.
Weight:about 5g
Color:4 colors ( Randomly distributed colors )
Pen Length:11cm / 4.3 inch
Package included
1 x Erasable pen

Weight 0.005 kg


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