Upgraded Extruder Hotend HeatSink Kit PT100 V6 Heating Block for 1.75mm Prusa i3 3D Printer

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The radiator extruder cooler can be used for MK3 remote hotend 1.75mm direct and bowden on PRUSA I3 MK3.For other machines, it can only be used remotely replace with E3D V6.
Upgrade the radiator extruder cooler with a flexible clip sleeve that will be more convenient to use.
Suitable for 1.75mm filament
Throat screw:M7
For 3D printer
Package Included
1 x Heater
1 x collet clip
1 x 0.4mm E3D nozzle
1 x throat
Gift:1 x silicone socks(the color is random)

Weight 0.046 kg


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