Anet 300mm*300mm*3mm 24V Aluminum Hot Bed Heating Platform Heated Bed Substrate with Hot-bed Wire for Anet A8 PLUS E16 3D Printer

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-The plate is used as a perfect replacement accessory for Anet 3D printer, to guarantee the efficient operation the 3D printers
-Full Metal Produced.Better quality than Tin-Sprayed Beds
-Optical Short Circuit Detection Passed
-Heating Plate is combined with the Aluminum Substrate Platform,provide Uniform heating
-Upgrade Circuit design, working in a stable power
-The plate is made with high quality aluminium alloy material, with great heat performance, do not worry about printing warping edge problem.
Main Material:Aluminum Alloy
Working Voltage:24V
Front Color:Sliver
Back Color:Black
Package Included
1x Hotbed
1x Cable

Weight 1.065 kg


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