MKS UPS 24V Mainboard Control Module Marlin2.0 Firmware for 3D Printer

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The MKS UPS module is used to lift the Z axis when the power is off, and remove the print head from the model to ensure that the model will not be damaged, thereby protecting the model in the event of a power outage.The working principle is as follows
1.When the power supply is cut off, the MKS UPS detects the power cut and transmits it to the motherboard;
2.The electrical energy stored in the fara capacitor on the MKS UPS module continues to supply power to the motherboard;
3.After the main board detects the power-off signal, stop printing, turn off the hot bed, heating head…raise the print head;
4.The electrical energy stored by MKS UPS is generally available for the print head to rise by 20mm-200mm (different machines and modules may be different) to protect the model;
5.After power is restored, resume printing through the 12864/2004 LCD screen.
1.MKS UPS12V can only be used for DC12V power supply and cannot be mixed.
2.MKS UPS24V can only be used for DC24V power supply and cannot be mixed.
3.The motherboard needs to use Marlin2.0 firmware, with 12864/2004 LCD screen.
4.MKS Robin series (except Robin E3/E3D) and MKS TFT screen are not supported yet.5.MKS UPS12V and MKS UPS24V modules all detect external AC220V power supply.
Power 24v
Package Included
1 x module

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