UM2+ LCD 2.42 OLED Display Screen Motherboard Accessorie for 3D Printer

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The main control cpu:ATMEGA 2560.
Five A4988 stepper motor driver, support 16 subdivision.
Power:DC 19-24V, it is recommended to use 10A 24V or more power supply.
Support two print head, double headed heating, a hot bed heating interface, support for dual color printing.
Three road temperature sensor (PT100), 2 Road heating head temperature detection, 1 way hot bed temperature detection.
Three way limit switch, the default reset position 0, the default structure size:230*225*205.
High scalability, can be used in conjunction with the large power driver board, support 57, 86 stepper motor.
Two Safety switches (can be connected with the temperature switch or emergency switch).
Three road fan interface:all the way PWM 24V adjustable speed fan interface, all the way 5V fixed voltage fan interface, all the way 24V fixed voltage fan interface.
Adjustable light LED lamp interface, adjustable speed fan interface, support the maximum 3A current.
Package included
1 x OLED Display Screen

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