Tempered Glass Tablet Screen Protector for 7.9 inch Teclast M89

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Size:19.4*13.2 cm
Designed to perfectly suitable for 7.9 Inch Teclast M89
Provides a complete protection for your tablet PC screen.
Tempered glass construction for enhanced impact resistance and reduce the chances of screen damage.
It owns super transmittance and good restoring the original color of your screen, providing a crystal clear perception of your display.
Made of tempered glass material, its hardness is up to 9H, scratch-resistant and durable.
Easy to be stuck and remove.
Package Included
1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1 x Dry Screen Cleaning Paper
1 x Wet Dry Screen Cleaning Paper
1 x Dust-absotber

Weight 0.273 kg


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