MKS BASE V1.6+ Motherboard with MKS TFT32 LCD Screen Mega2560 Ramps1.4 for 3D Printer

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Setting all the functions on a board solves the problem that Ramps 1.4 interface is tedious and easy to break down.
The circuit board adopts high-quality two-layer board and specially optimizes heat dissipation; ramps are two-layer board.
Special power chip is used to support 12V-24V power input to solve the heating problem of Ramps voltage conversion chip.
Firmware can use open source firmware Marlin with the same configuration as ramps1 4 and can directly replace Ramps1.4o.
4982 is used as motor drive, which has the same performance as 4988, but SOP package has better heat dissipation effect.
Using high-quality MOSFET tube, the heat dissipation effect is better.
It can accept 24V input and reduce the hot bed current to 1/4 under the same system power, which can effectively solve the heating problem of hot bed MOS tubes.
It can directly connect Ramps 1.4, 2004 LCD control board and 12864 LCD control board.
MKS-BASE is an open source motherboard for Ramps 1.4, Megatronics V2.0 and other problems.It is specially optimized to develop a product.It is especially suitable for manufacturers producing 3D printers in batches as motherboards.
Matching lines can be referred to:2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN
You can directly connect 2004 LCD or 12864 LCD (removing L-shaped adapter board).Because the open source design of 2004 LCD and 12864 LCD only regulates the PIN ports of EXP1 and EXP2, there is no specific specification for the direction of bull-horn insertion, so some 2004 LCD and 12864 LCD produced by non-Makerbase may have different directions of data line cards, which need to be interpolated in reverse to be used.
Compatible with Marlin/Smoothieware/Repetier firmware
Appearance size:110mm X65mm
Hole size:102mm X57mm
Color Touch Screen:3.2 inch Touch Screen
Microprocessor:32-bit STM32 processor
Update Method:SD File Update
Supporting inch storage system:SD card, U disk
Support file format:Gcode
Extensible modules (shipping excluded)
WIFI module, shutdown module,
Material breakage check switch, intermittent interruption, external clamping slot
Package included
1 x MKS BASE V1.61 x USB Data Line 30cm
1 x MKS TFT32 V4.0 LCD Touch Screen
1 x Grey Line

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