TWO TREES B1206 Full/Half Step Driver 2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver Driving Voltage 20V-120VDC Current 6A for 3D Printer

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Reduce the noises and to make motor run steadily.It has phase protection and over current protection.
The full/half step series driver series uses the new current control technology to develop high-performance stepper motor drivers.
Improving the high speed torque of stepping motor.Reduce the motor temperature.
The driving voltage is DC20V-DC120V, which can be adapted to all kinds of brands stepper motor; The current is below 6.0A(1.8A-6A).
The diameter is 57mm,86mm stepper motor; The four-wire, six-wire and eight-wire two-phase stepping motor can be used.
Driving Voltage:DC20V-DC120V
Package Weight:280g / 9.9oz
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