BIGTREETECH 0.25/0.4/0.6/0.8mm Phaetus V6 Plated Copper Nozzle 1.75MM Filament for V6 Hotend Prusa i3 MK3 3D Printer Parts

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Size 0.25mm / Size 0.4mm / Size 0.6mm / Size 0.8mm /

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Phaetus plated copper nozzle:High temperature resistance, suitable for printing of general filament, including PEKK, PEI, PSU, PPSU and other high-temperature filament.
High temperature resistance:High temperature resistant up to 500掳C, is the best choice for special engineering plastics such as PEEK
High thermal conductivity:High thermal conductivity can ensure uniform print head temperature during printing, improve print speed and print accuracy
Higher finish and less adhesion:Inner hole roughness less than Ra0.4, higher finish and less adhesion
Stable performance:High-quality high-conductivity alloy bar to ensure the stability of performance.
Higher finish and less adhesion:Special processing technology and post-processing to ensure that there is no burr in the hole, and the hole is smooth and free of residue.
Model Number:Phaetus V6 Nozzle
Product name:Phaetus V6 Nozzle
Material:Plated Copper
Package includes
1 x Phaetus V6 Nozzle

Weight 0.02 kg


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